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To Exist in Pleasure (A Non-manifesto Manifesto)

Some things before I start : This essay is a response to a class critique of Ketzia Schoneberg’s work on 7/23/21 at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and a reading assigned by visiting faculty Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz, “The Great Caliban: The Struggle Against the Rebel Body” from the book Caliban and the Witch by Silvia Federici. (Plus a bunch of other stuff floating around in the ether.) Ketzia has graciously provided pictures of her work for inclusion in this essay. Also this is not a scholarly essay, and she and I are classmates, so I am just going to call her Ketzia. If this were something a little more formal, I would refer to her as “the artist”, “Schoneberg”, or “Ms. Schoneberg”. But it’s not, so I won’t, but you can assume all my respect is present when I write her name. Essay : What does it mean for women to exist in pleasure? Discussions about pleasure are often limited to things of a sexual nature, and while birth control and the sexual revolution ostensibly led to more


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